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Introducing 'The Joy of Diagnosis'

draft 2017-02-09 livehacking, mozilla, webcompat

We Mozillians really love to share the stuff we are working on with everyone interested. A great example of a Mozillian sharing his work is Mike Conley, who started a weekly live hacking series called “The Joy of Coding” back in 2015 (he just had his two years anniversary!). It is really great to watch him work on a wide series of Firefox tasks, no matter if it is about UI stuff, electrolysis work, or even porting and improving internal tools to Rust.

It is even better to sometimes see him struggle on what felt like a really simple task. That just makes everyone feel more human. Also, it is a great way of introducing contributors from all over the place to our work and provide them with insight into the steps needed to tackle their first project. This is definitely a thing we should do more often, everywhere inside Mozilla.

Let us jump to another topic for a second. Have you heard of Mozilla’s Web Compatibility team, of which I am part of? Are you aware of the work we do, our motivations, and goals? Basically, we… fix the internet, so it is actually pretty great if you have never heard of us. That means we are doing a great job.

So, what better way is there to get the word out and to make more people aware of our mission than to share the work we do, right?

There we go, you have just discovered “The Joy of Diagnosis”, a cheesy copy of Mike Conley’s idea for our team. We already made an introductory episode, which we called Episode 0. If you want, you can watch it on either Air Mozilla or YouTube.

Please note that this is the very first episode, I did not spend much time planning ahead, and this is not the most polished video you will ever see. If you have any feedback, please reach out to me! I would love to get in touch with you.


Basically, we do not have a schedule since we usually do not have many isolated tasks to work on for recording. Some issues easily take up more time than we would ever have in a video, so we will probably just publish episodes whenever we have something cool. Please follow us on Twitter at @MozWebCompat to know when we published something new!

Although I tagged this stuff with “livehacking”, the first episode was not streamed live. :) However, I like the idea of enabling people to provide live feedback and asking questions in a chat, so if this project turns out to be interesting for at least some people, we surely will consider something.


I spent most of the time introducing our idea and the team as well as the individual parts of work we do and where people could jump in. However, we had a quick look at web-bug #4176.

If you want, check the Compatibility pages on the Mozilla Wiki to learn more about the team, our projects, and our work. Also, be sure to check out Mike Conley’s The Joy of Coding.

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