Dennis Schubert

Legal information

This website is the personal website of

Dennis Schubert
Waldstetter Straße 30
D-72336 Balingen


This site is powered by Jekyll because I finally got tired of developing my own content management system. It is nice, it reads text files, it is fast by design and it is expandable. If you are a software developer yourself, go ahead and take a look at it.

I’m not using any kind of CSS framework here, but I included Nicolas Gallaghers normalize.css. The font I am using is called Gandhi Sans, the license and the font files can be found at

Last but not least: some ideas of my “design” are inspired by some drafts Marius Şucan did for me. He did the design three years ago and it still looks charming. So I guess he is good at what he is doing. :)