Dennis Schubert

About myself

A comic portrait of myself

My name is Dennis Schubert, and I am a software engineer living in Stuttgart, working on making the web less broken.

Somehow I fell in love with technology, which is why I spend my days (and most of my nights) with engineering software and improving things. I used to focus my work on (real-time) communication between humans and machines but eventually transitioned to building medium to large-scale web applications and ultimately ended up working on web browsers. My side projects also tend to be focused around the online/communication/privacy side of things.

When I am not coding or sleeping, I sometimes enjoy breathing fresh air outside, where I usually have my digital camera with me. I do enjoy cityscapes and landscapes, but I shoot pretty much everything that is somehow interesting to me. You can look at some photos here or on Flickr if you are interested. More recently, I started to live out my artistic side by getting into game design and game development, where the artistic side can be very flexible in definition, because code and mechanics can be artsy, too. Also, I am in love with all things aviation.

Software engineering

I work for Mozilla, and I spend most my time with debugging browser engines in some form. More precisely, one of my tasks is to figure out why stuff is broken in Firefox but working in other browsers and getting it fixed. If you find something broken in Firefox that works elsewhere - I do not care if the issue is broken CSS, edgy JS API implementations, lousy performance, or other weird stuff - ping me and I will try to get the issue resolved, no matter if I have to write browser patches, talk to colleagues, or use black magic.

I spend a lot of time inside JavaScript’y environments for obvious reasons, but I also have a deep relationship with Rust and Ruby. C(++), and Python are languages I know up to a certain degree, but I realize I am not proficient with either of those whenever I actually have to work on them.

The diaspora* project is still alive and running, so my project management skills were to be good enough to run a medium-sized open source project for some years. If you did not hear of it before, it only means that our PR skills are inadequate. We are building an open source, federated social network. I am responsible for general project management tasks, as well as supporting other project foundations such as the infrastructure for our communication and promotion assets, such as Discourse and the project website. If you want to support my work on these things individually, head over to Patreon.

There is a dedicated page about my projects, and I suggest that you check it out if you want to learn more about who I am and what I work on. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to get in touch with me.

This profile is not complete, so please ask me if you want to know more about my professional experience and other projects I have done in the past.