Dennis Schubert


Due to NDAs with some companies, I am not able to share all the project I have worked on commercially. However, here is an excerpt of projects I am contributing to. For a full list of my open source projects, you should check out my GitHub account. If you are interested in what I am doing, contact me and I will tell you a bit more about what I am working on.

Also, I am skipping the projects I am working on at Mozilla, but I will think about a place to present them at some point.

Notable projects

Some of the projects you might already have heard of or somewhat interesting things.


diaspora* is a free and open source platform to build a distributed social network. diaspora* is built on Ruby on Rails and nowadays provides a web application with large parts of the applications view logic done on the client side.

I contributed to the project since its very first day, where it got crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in 2010. As a long-time contributor, I worked on keeping the project alive and running well by managing tasks, reviewing code, doing code reviews, fixing code, answering press inquires, … you get the idea. I am responsible for general project management tasks, as well as supporting other project foundations such as the infrastructure for our communication and promotion assets, such as Discourse and the project website.

Get more information or have a look at the source code.


Hooktor is a simple, Node.js-based receiver for various webhook notifications. It supports hooks from GitHub and Travis right now, and adding other services is relatively simply. It is able to validate the signature and runs commands based on the received events.

This project started as a Rust-based project, but was eventually re-engineered on Node.js to increase the pool of potential contributors and make certain aspects more flexible (read: less strict). To keep deploying onto actual servers easy and simple, building static binaries is possible.

Get more information or have a look at the source code.


firefox-tabgroups was a Firefox add-on that aims to provide a simple add-on to replace some functionalities from TabView/Tab Groups/Panorama which were removed from Firefox due to a lot of open bugs and a very low overall usage.

While the backend was compatible with the old data from the original Firefox sources, the frontend was built using React and Redux to create a frontend that should be easy to maintain and extend in the future.

These days, this extension is deprecated. With Firefox Quantum, I cleaned up a log of my old bad habits, including tab hoarding. Ultimately, the need for doogfooding went away and migrating the extension was too much effort for a small userbase. If someone wants to port the extension, though, feel free to reach out!

Get more information or have a look at the source code.

Other projects

Possibly less interesting projects. You might want to check them out, though.