Dennis Schubert

The Sticker Collection

I really like stickers. Whenever I visit any kind of tech-related event, I look out for new and fancy stickers to grab a couple. However, I tend to not keep them for myself, but distribute them to people if they find something they are interested in. Because of that, I pass along quite a few stickers, resulting in some rare stickers to be gone forever. To preserve the memories and keep a history of things I once had, here is the complete list of interesting stickers passing through my hands, starting January 2019.

Note: I put up a sticker because I like it, not because I want to endorse the creators1. Also, these stickers are not covered under this site’s content license2.

  1. Some stickers can contain political messages, which I may or may not agree with. I am sharing these stickers mainly because I find them interesting in some way or another, or simply worth showing. I try to keep it clean, but me putting up something is not an endorsement for anything. 

  2. These stickers most likely contain other’s Intellectual Property, but… they are stickers, so I assume they are meant to be shared. Whenever I am aware of licensing details, I will put it on the sticker’s detail page. If I violated your rights, or you have licensing information you want me to add, please contact me and we will sort it out.